the easiest way to help

Lack of storage space and refrigeration makes e-vouchers the easiest way to help displaced Ukrainian families in Australia. Renowned hard workers, they predominantly arrive on visitor visas and depend on their hosts to meet domestic costs. Some of our settled SA families are welcoming entire family units from Ukraine into their home and at this time, additional support is coming entirely from your donations and the efforts of local volunteers.

Until the new arrivals have had a chance to catch their breath, apply for a humanitarian visa and been granted permission to work,  e-vouchers will help them buy food, clothes and essential items.

1. Find e-vouchers from any provider or make a selection from these e-gift card pictures.

2. Purchase a voucher and make a copy or screenshot.

3. Send it to us and we will ensure it goes to a newly arrived Ukrainian family in need.

Thank you for attaching your voucher below.